As a Physician Employer or a physician yourself, you have probably noticed how difficult it is to find the right associate for your practice or organization.  Even if you decide to pay for recruitment fees, that doesn’t mean that you will have a physician interviewing anytime soon.  And as you also probably already know, it usually takes more than one interview to find the right candidate.

This is especially true in today’s physician job market where everyone seems to be entertaining numerous offers before ever deciding on a location.  The Physician Job Network is a resource developed to help physician organizations and private practices find the right physician without it taking five years.  There is the opportunity to recruit your own candidate by posting an advertisement on the site and participating in our mailing campaigns or utilizing a recruitment firm of your liking.  The bottom line is that we want to help you find the right physician for your practice and find him/her fast.  Our jobs are optimized to be at the top of the search engines and this is all done as part of our complimentary service.

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Our goal is to provide a user friendly site focused around the following key areas:
1. Physician Job Search
2. Free Physician Job Posting
3. Physician Recruitment Assistance